Music Spotlight: Ryn Weaver

     This charismatic, enigmatic, wondrous artist appeared around this time last year with her hit OctaHate. It’s a contagious break up song that you won’t be able to ever get out of your head, with it’s soft subtle beginning that escalates to angry drums that will make you wanna stomp your feet all over the place. Following the release of the single, she released 3 more tracks along with it on an EP entitled Promises. The EP follows the same sound which Ryn describes as “fairy-pop”, a very fun alternative twist on the regular pop sound we are used to. On the first track she sings the regret that everyone has “never meant to break my own promises” which could refer to anything from relationship issues to even just everyday regrets. After this on her single OctaHate, she sings about a horrible break up from lyrics like “I can’t take it” and “you let me down”. We can tell this was a bad break up and she doesn’t want to feel bad about it anymore. So she takes her anger out by putting it into song. On the next track entitled Stay Low we hear her sing about being ignored by her significant other. Desperately asking for attention to keep their relationship in tact, but he just isn’t getting the messages. She is getting tired of all the distance between them, with lyrics like “Slow day but I pass the time” and “I get so sick of the telephone”. It really shows that they aren’t spending much time together. The final track off of the EP Sail On is about Ryn telling her lover to leave if he is going to hurt her, she has had enough of his constant disappointments. With it’s electric chorus “Well sail on Sail on, till you’re gone And then some With all your broken pieces, pieces” that you’ll want to belt at the top of your lungs. Of course we knew that this EP wouldn’t be the last we’d hear from Ryn Weaver. Earlier this year, Ryn announced the release date of her debut album The Fool (June 16), followed by the dropping of her second single and title track of the album. The music video was released shortly after. You can watch it here and also pre-order her album here

Jakob Gillis